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Coffee Lovers! Monday Tip

Did you know?

Coffee has a lot of antioxidants and other benefits besides the caffeine.

Coffee can increase circulation and help break down fat when used topically.

In other words, applying a topical caffeine solution to skin caused a decrease in fatty cell size of 17 percent.

Puffy face or swollen eyes? A topical coffee mask can fix that. This is because caffeine and various compounds like methylxanthine in coffee have a diuretic effect, which can aid in reducing edema, or swollen tissues due to excess fluid retention.

Caffeine is good for your brain. It causes the release of dopamine, the brain chemical that stimulates the area of gray matter. This again is responsible for alertness, problem-solving and pressure, thus making your brain active and sharper.

In fact, research at Harvard has proven that people who drink four cups of caffeinated drink are half as likely to suffer from Parkinson’s disease in comparison to others. This is primarily because caffeine keeps dopamine molecules active. It also blocks adenosine that may slow down the buildup of amyloid-beta, a toxic brain plaque that is associated with Alzheimer’s disease.

But hey! “If you don’t drink coffee, don’t feel pressured to start, because there are other herbal teas that are just as enjoyable. Also, there are other ways to improve your health, like a nutritious diet, exercising more, reducing stress, getting adequate sleep, family time, visiting nature etc

Take note:

Caffeine can actually enter your body through the skin, so if you have a sensitivity or high blood pressure, you might want to use a coffee scrub sparingly and check with your doctor before trying the coffee scrub.

Caffeine can provide various benefits for your skin, hair and health. However, this is only possible with the right dosage of caffeine. Excessive intake of caffeine has been reported to cause adverse effects on your health. Moreover, some individuals are sensitive to caffeine, and they are required to restrict its consumption or completely avoid it.

Happy Monday!!