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Jounen Kwéyòl (Creole day) Saint Lucia

Creole Heritage Month is a celebration of the melting pot that is French Creole culture. Jounen Kwéyòl promises a day filled with traditional food, music, folklore and the chance to discover the history and heritage of the island. It's a nostalgic reminder of all the elements that contribute to the identity of Saint Lucians and those countries that share in the creole culture. Jounen Kwéyòl (Creole Day) is celebrated on the last Sunday of October across the entire island of Saint Lucia. Various towns are chosen to host this exciting festival which has been taking place since 1984 and is now in its 32nd year. Jounen Kwéyòl is yet to be embraced as a major tourism draw. As you drive around the

Backyard Garden

Why not start in your own backyard garden? If you have a small yard, you may think you don’t have enough space to grow food, but a small garden plot can produce significant food. For example many vegetables are easy to grow in containers on your porch or balcony. Besides your own freshly picked vegetables/fruits will taste much better, and still contain the maximum amount of flavor and nutrients. It’s also a pleasant moment with great benefits such as taking advantage of the fresh air, some sunshine and getting the most moderate exercise out of gardening which is healthy. It has actually been clinically proven to help alleviate stress. Backyard gardens usually bring neighbors together. The

Welcome recipe

I would like to welcome you to my page. This is my first blog and I am excited to share this recipe with you. Last week, I was in the mood for something different for dessert, so I got to experiment in the kitchen with oats and chia seeds. I prepared a delicious dessert and came up with five different names. Finally I choose this one. "ChiaYopDelight" Oh I am so loving this name! wink. Do you? Don't be shy, if you think it's not a catchy name, or does not compliment the dessert, it's Ok to say, I am not offended constructive criticism. Suggestions are welcome:) No milk was added to this recipe. Ingredients: I used chia seeds, plain yogurt, nutmeg, dried cranberries. RECIPE: (serves 4) 1 cup




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